Four weeks to feeling your best
remove the hidden ingredients that have destroyed your wellness. Strike sugar™ for health and for life.
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Four weeks to feeling your best
remove the hidden ingredients that have destroyed your wellness. Strike sugar™ for health and for life.
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Does every day feel like you are in a fog?

Do you wish you could change it and get your old
life back?

Is your waistline growing faster than your bank account?
  • Cravings – are they stealing your life? Robbing you of energy, your zest for living well.
  • Irritability – do mood swings make you or the people around you crazy?
  • Can’t lose weight but you’ve tried everything?
You’ve tried to quit sugar on your own but things got out of control. Now you’re carrying more weight than ever and feel even worse.
The problem is, you just don’t know what this thing called “sugar” is.
I want to Strike Sugar but I can’t live without my …
Fill in the blank – double sugar in my coffee, wine, cookies, chocolate. Sugar hides everywhere and these are just a few of them. I begin by asking “what is the one food you can’t live without?” and go from there. This is your starting off point.
I’m scared to quit sugar because it will make me feel awful and I know the food will taste disgusting!
The way you eat now feels “normal” to you because what you eat tastes “good.” Cutting out sugar laden foods might mean foods will taste terrible and you’ll feel awful. In fact, once you have rid your body of sugar, you will realize food never tasted so good. Natural foods explode with flavour and the healing benefits can’t be ignored. Don’t worry. A few days of mild detox symptoms will quickly pass and be replaced with newfound feelings of energy and vitality.
I was there once too.
Before I became known as the Eat Clean Queen, I was addicted to ice cream, peanut butter and all things sweet. I was a full blown sugar addict. How I looked and felt were proof positive of this. Once I learned that the foods I loved and pretty much all other food was loaded with added, refined and fake sugars, I was shocked. In Striking Sugar I took a giant step towards health.
There is a solution. I found it when I cleaned up my eating and purged sugar from my diet. 

My relationship with sugar was over!

I healed my blood sugar dis-regulation, my obesity, depression, listlessness, poor skin, hair and nails and cleared out my brain fog.  
I’m on a mission to share this incredibly effective healing strategy and help others like you.
Let’s Strike Sugar together. 
Join Tosca and thousands of others in Striking Sugar together for one month!
HI there, i'm tosca reno
When I took the challenge to compete in my first ever physique contest, it was through the process of preparing for that event that I stumbled onto the secret of lasting weight loss and wellness change.

Working out daily by lifting weights and harnessing the power of my own metabolism, while stoking my body with clean, sugarfree foods created an inferno of fat burning inside me. Preparing for a physique contest requires commitment and dedication to an intense training regimen and even more intense eating regimen.

Four weeks into my preparations I made a discovery that changed my life. I tried on a skirt I loved, one that had been too tight on me, and that skirt fell off.
In little more than 4 weeks I had dropped 20 pounds.
This was my Ah-ha moment, the moment I realized that what I was doing to prepare for my physique contest was so effective I could tailor it for anyone who wanted to lose weight. 

The key was this: my competition eating was based on eating only whole, nutrient dense foods. There was ZERO sugar in my diet. ZERO! I was eating plenty of vegetables, some berries, healthy fats and protein but nothing else.  

I had stumbled onto the success formula for losing weight and feeling well again. If I avoided all refined sugars and man made foods, I would lose weight and not only that, I would feel absolutely bursting with energy.  
Striking Sugar is results based eating!
As Seen On...
Go DEEPER into the benefits.
How can you drive home the results more? Get as specific as possible.
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What if you could do the same? Can you imagine yourself in a healthy, lean body, free from sugar’s grip and living the good life?
The 4 week Strike Sugar program is your answer to lasting weight loss and wellness change.
In just 4 weeks totally reset your blood sugar mechanisms in your entire body, including your brain.
What You'll Learn
Striking sugar from your diet will feel foreign, like you’re learning a new language, or actually unlearning it. Your work this week will be about uncovering where sugar is in the foods you eat and exchanging them for whole, unprocessed goodness. It will be a journey for you but worth it!

You may experience some discomfort - headache, irritability, shakiness - as your body works to remove sugar’s toxic fingerprint from your body, but it will pass. 
  • How to identify foods loaded with sugar and its imposters
  • How to prepare foods that serve your wellness
  • How to plan meals and eat with regularity
  • Food volumes to serve you best
  • The need for hydration
In the kitchen you are learning how to prepare foods differently, plan them with regularity and incorporate only those foods that will keep you sugar free. Food planning and prep is a necessity and you’re getting it. 

Any mild discomfort from detoxing your body of sugar, will have disappeared and you’re discovering what it’s like to be sugar free. You are noticing weight loss and changes in your palate - food tastes different, good! 
  • How to prepare more Eat Clean recipes
  • How important it is to plan meals
  • How important it is to have a Food Prep Day
  • The need to carry clean, sugar free food with you to ensure success
  • How good your body can feel without sugar
Solidly into the sugar detox, your body is still working to remove the harm. You will notice less inflammation and pain, a more balanced mood, a feeling of improved general well-being. You are looking and feeling much better. Your sleep is greatly improved and even your skin and hair are looking healthier.

Preparing sugar free meals feels like you are honouring your body and your health. You can’t believe how easy it is to become fluent in the kitchen as you prepare your delicious meals.  
  • More delicious recipes
  • Continued success comes with commitment to the Strike Sugar program
  • Your body is capable of healing and recovery
  • Your support by Eating Clean and Striking Sugar improves your wellness
  • How to sleep and think more deeply
Ridding your body completely of sugar’s toxic load will take a minimum of 4 weeks and often longer. Doing another round of Strike Sugar wouldn’t hurt because this new you is fabulous!
  • Health is about whole, clean, sugar free food
  • Sugar free food tastes delicious
  • Your palate has reset itself
  • Your body feels newly energized
  • You aren’t moody and irritable any more
What's Included
The comprehensive 4 week Strike Sugar program rids your body of the toxic results of sugar, restoring wellness and vitality, ridding you of unwanted pounds and making you feel the best you’ve ever felt.
Menu Plans With Original Eat Clean™ Recipes
Weekly Grocery 
Daily Eating Support & Motivation
2 week plant-based meal plan and recipes
Finally sugar cravings will be banished for good.
Gain control of overeating and feel good again.
Limited time only
You asked for plant-based recipes and meal plans - done!
STRIKE SUGAR 2.0 - the program you love with brilliant new content, easier to follow and your forever plan for wellness! 

You asked for videos - done! You asked to have it broken down into 4 week modules - done! You asked for more content - done!

In short I’ve given Strike Sugar hundreds of dollars more of value and the regular price is $197 but to celebrate together, I’m offering it to you for just $97

This time we’re doing it LIVE! Join a community of thousands as you Strike Sugar together. PLUS receive weekly live Q and A sessions with Tosca to keep you motivated, inspired and feeling great.

Join Strike Sugar Live Today, and receive these life changing bonuses
Re-introduction Guide
Maintain the amazing results you’ve gained from Strike Sugar by using this Re-introduction Guide to learn how to phase in eating once the program is over.

Created by Dr. Rachel Corradetti ND and I, this guide helps you phase in clean foods safely post challenge, so you don’t experience negative rebound effects.
Private Facebook group
It’s crucial to stay connected with positive, kind, like-minded people who genuinely want results for themselves and will support you on your Strike Sugar wellness journey too.
Especially when you’re having a tough time or feeling lost and discouraged.

My private Facebook community is the place to get just that. My community is a beautiful and, I believe, rare, place where support and love are its governing values. You are part of it!

This time around, everyone is doing it together! There are literally thousands of members who have completed Strike Sugar and they’ll be doing it again alongside you. The power of community is FIERCE. Join now!
4 Virtual Classes With Tosca Reno - The Expert Information You Need To Understand The Impacts of Sugar On Your Health
Learning will be fun and easy as you listen in, Live, with Tosca Reno, wellness expert and Eat Clean founder. Listen to her, in the comfort of your own home, as she shares her mastery of how to eat to nourish a beautifully well body and mind, sugar-free!
Live Q and A sessions with Tosca and her team
Not only will you have the complete library of resources available to you in this program, and the support of thousands in my online community, but you will also receive 4 live Q and A sessions with me throughout the program. I’ll answer your burning questions, provide support, and even some tough love when necessary. You don’t have to go it alone. Let’s Strike Sugar and feel better together!
Plant-based meal plans and recipes
Plant based eating is fast becoming part of everyone’s new healthy normal. Enjoy new, original Eat Clean recipes entirely created from plants. Delicious salads, snacks and main meals provide flavour and nutrition without triggering sugar cravings.
take a sneak peak inside these BONUS trainings
 CLASS #1      |     CLASS #2      |      CLASS #3       |      CLASS #4 
Click the class above to preview what you'll learn
Understanding how refined sugar impacts your hormones
Your first class will cover the questions every woman has as she approaches those bewildering menopausal years.

If you’ve ever asked yourself why weight seems to stealthily creep onto your mid-section at a certain age, this class is for you. 

Learn how to manage your nutrition, avoid sugar and its’ cousins and sail through those hormonally charged years with grace and ease. 
understanding how refined sugar impacts immune defence systems
This class will forever change the way you think about the food you think you can’t live without and your wellness. 

Learn how sugar paralyzes your immune system, hijacks your defences and leaves you a sitting duck to be attacked by disease.

If you’ve ever felt that there is nothing you can do to fight off disease - especially cancer, which will affect 1 in 2 in the years to come - then this class is the eye opening, course correction you can’t do without.

All illness is a signal, a warning sign from your body, not sent as punishment but an opportunity to repair the damage the modern diet and poor choices have visited on you.
Learn how clean, sugar-free food will harness the power of your own healing mechanisms and return you to a state of wellness.
understanding how sugar impacts your mood & energy
Have you ever felt like a crazy person, surprised at the vitriol you can sometimes spew out? I was that person once. Obese and sugar addicted, I didn’t like myself!

In this class learn how mood, your emotional state is powerfully affected by diet. Learn how sugar, refined foods and their by-products, literally place a curtain over your inner light, slowly extinguishing your positive energy, replacing it with negative.

Maybe, all this time, it wasn’t you who was the moody one, it was your sugar habit that made you that way!
understanding how sugar impacts your skin
Have increasing years made your skin look like that of an elephant? Does your face look older than your years?

If you’ve ever wondered why “that woman over there has amazing skin even though you know she’s 60” then this is a class for you. 

While elephant skin is ideal for an elephant, it may not be what you desire for yourself. 

Skin is your biggest organ. It displays publicly the results of your lifestyle, good or bad.

Learn how your skin can become a stunning canvas once again, through avoiding modern foods, particularly sugar. Get your brilliance back. 

Regular Price $197

SAVE 50%

 ONLY $97

4 Week Menu Plan with
Original Eat Clean™ Recipes
Weekly Grocery List
Daily Eating Support & Motivation
BONUS #1 - Re-introduction Guide
BONUS #2 - Private Facebook Group
BONUS #3 - 4 Virtual Classes
BONUS #4 - LIVE Q & A Calls With Tosca
NEW BONUS - 2-Week Plant-Based Meal Plan & Recipes
Strike Sugar is the most powerful wellness tool in the world.
Take advantage of the limited time sale today!
it really is possible!
Thank you Tosca for helping me see the light. 

I now am a wellness coach helping weight loss surgery patients with nutrition and weight loss find their way to a clean and healthy lifestyle.
S. Lee.
"I haven't had sugar in 30 days and feel like a new woman. Damn! This Is great!"
A. Brown.
"My three children, all under 10 years of age, Eat Clean and prefer fruits and vegetables to sugary junk. The whole family went for the challenge and we won! No temper tantrums, no mood swings, more fun with my husband, more energy. I feel fantastic!" 
B. Chase.
"Oh heck! I made this my month to quit sugar and I thought for sure I would fail BUT you know what? No way. I made it and I quit the stuff for good. Thank you for your help Tosca - I knew you were a role model but WOW, this is awesome. Thanks for giving me back my life." 
J. Practor.
"I was a complete and total sugar addict from alcohol to carbs, cigarettes to drive thru coffees. When I saw this sugar challenge I was just about to go to my doc and ask for a diabetes test. But I thought I would try this instead. What have I got to lose? I just about lost my life but the Strike Sug­ar challenge saved me, truly saved me. I am only 33 years old but look 63.1 had adult acne. I was a horrible unpleasant person. Going off sugar using the challenge changed my life like nothing I have ever done before. This is unbelievable. Now I look younger, feel better and want to live life to the fullest. Thank you Thank you Thank you Tosca. Everybody should do this! Once a year!" 
T. Boyko.
"If I was talking to Tosca in person I would lose it. I wouldn't know where to start. Everybody in my family is obese and sick. I'm the youngest at 28 years of age and I'm obese too. I know I'm a sugar addict. I couldn't stop eating the stuff but when I found the Strike Sugar challenge I decided to stop the madness in my house. My mom and dad thought I was crazy but I said I would make all the food and we would do this together and we did. All three of us have lost weight - on average 24 pounds each. But the biggest difference isn't the weight, it's how we feel. We feel better. A bit more lively, not half dead and drawing in a box of cookies. I want to keep going and find the rest of my life. Thank you Tosca for helping my family and me. We love you." 
J. Adams.
It is my solid belief that you cannot make any positive wellness changes unless you identify and remove sugar from your diet.
Spend the next 4 weeks doing Strike Sugar with me and you will forever be changed.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the
Strike Sugar 2.0
Strike Sugar is a 4 week program designed to remove refined sugar and grain products from your diet with the goal of ridding you of your addiction of sugar, while returning you to optimal wellness.  
Can I repeat the
Strike Sugar 2.0
Strike Sugar can be repeated at any time of the year. You can follow it for 4 weeks and if you love the results, repeat it for another 4 weeks. Or, Strike Sugar for life. 
I am not a cook. Can I easily make the recipes in the Strike Sugar Challenge? 
There is no need to be a chef. The recipes in the Strike Sugar Challenge are easy to make and the recipes are not complicated. 
Can I eat the same thing for breakfast every day if I want?
If you prefer to eat the same thing for breakfast every day that is fine. That applies to lunch and dinner too. And if you happen to have leftovers from dinner the night before, eat those for breakfast. Why not?
Is Stevia allowed on the
Strike Sugar 2.0
Whille you are doing the Strike Sugar Challenge no sugar or sugar alternatives are permitted. This applies to sugar alcohols and alcohol itself also.
Can I participate in the Strike Sugar Challenge even if I am diabetic? Type I? Type II?
Diabetics, whether Type I or Type II can safely participate in the Strike Sugar Challenge as the menu and frequency of eating is supported by the Canadian and American Diabetic Associations. Let you doctor know that you are participating in the Challenge.
Why are certain fruits and vegetables not permitted on the Challenge?
During the 4 weeks of the Strike Sugar Challenge we are ridding the body of accumulated refined sugars, even fruit based sugars. While whole fruits are often healthier because they come with the whole goodness package – fibre, nutrients – they still trigger the insulin response. The organs of blood sugar handling will get a better reset if we avoid these.
Will food taste
different without sugar?

Once you rid your body of sugar and rid yourself of your sugar cravings, everything about food will taste different. You will notice that a green bean tastes sweet. All foods will become more delicious than you remembered. And if you happen to fall back and eat a processed treat, you will find it is far too sweet to handle.
How will I know how to eat after the Strike Sugar program is over?
In collaboration with Dr. Rachel Corradetti ND, I have developed a Reintroduction Guide to help you begin to reintroduce various foods back into your diet after you have completed the 4 week Strike Sugar program.
Will this be the day you choose to quit sugar once and for all? Is it your turn to look and feel fabulous?
Striking Sugar provides guaranteed results in days.
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