Your BIG lifestyle goals: Simplified ● Elevated ● Achieved

“Health is the greatest of human blessings.”

― Hippocrates

You have BIG health & lifestyle goals for yourself. But somehow you’ve lost sight of those. Life is busy. Unpredictable. You’re always last on your To Do list.
You know you need to create healthier eating habits. Still, sweet or salty snacks and drinks keep calling your name.
Your well-intentioned meal prep plans always fly out the window.

The “healthy food” you bought sits wilting in the fridge, while you reach for 
“comfort packaged foods” instead.

 You feel permanently stuck in the same-same eating routine. And what’s up with other people’s less-than-healthy food choices.

Life feels too complicated, especially in the kitchen!


Just imagine if you could…

  • Spend less time planning, shopping, prepping and cooking. Less food frustration!
  • ​Get clear on the key principles of the Eat-Clean™ lifestyle without having to research and read allllll the books. Learn the foundations of real food.
  • Uncomplicate your kitchen. Make it an enjoyable space to prepare easy and deliciously balanced meals. You can’t believe how good Eating Clean tastes. Eat with purpose and intention.
  • ​Fuel your body with nutrients from whole foods. Including them in your daily nutritional routine will quickly become second nature to you. No more overthinking what & when to eat!
  • Be accountable to your goals. Achieve them in a supportive, like-minded community of women who are on the same “I really want to eat clean, but I just can’t seem to grasp the principles!” struggle bus.
  • ​Learn pro training moves and strategies that shorten gym time but maximize results. Get fit faster and smarter.
  • ​Easily say ‘YES’ to yourself… without breaking the bank.


HI! I’M TOSCA RENO — Your Health Transformation Expert 

I’m the New York Times Best Selling Author of the Eat-Clean™ series and founder of the Eat-Clean™ Revolution.

I have developed the Eat-Clean™ Lifestyle and helped millions take back their wellness and their lives — all through the principles of eating clean.

My nutritionally-balanced recipes are based on natural ingredients, delivering only nutrient dense and totally delicious results — food to fuel and nourish your body with, and a lifestyle to build your amazing life on!

You could also say that… I am the product of my products! 

I lost 84 pounds of unhealthy fat 20 years ago and have kept it off, and I feel fantastic!

You deserve to feel fantastic in your body too. I’m here to support you in your wellness success journey.

💕 Tosca

What you need is a consistently delivered plan of action to rock your Eat Clean™ lifestyle because it checks all the right boxes. You need it pronto to get back on track with your healthy lifestyle goals.
First… let’s PLEASE say “NO!” to time-consuming, ingredient-heavy recipes?

(The ones that have you running around to 5 different stores for 5 different things?!)

Do away with elaborate, unbalanced, and often-restrictive meal plans.

(That you know you’ll never follow! And deprivation should never be on the menu!)

You’ve been bombarded by so many mixed messages about food lately, that you don’t know what to believe anymore!

(Can’t someone just give it to you straight for once?!)
You need simplicity, flexibility, and food that tastes good so you feel and look better fast.
(Eating Clean is the original “preventive medicine” after all!)
I am excited to help you!!

“Every time you eat, it’s an opportunity to…
fuel, nourish and revitalize your body on a cellular level.
Happy cells means happy health.”

— Tosca Reno



A collection of monthly tools & resources to help you eat mindfully with purpose and intention.

You’ll rock your Eat-Clean™ lifestyle like you’ve always wanted to.

Together we will



Learn fundamental eat-clean principles and recipes to help you regain your old self and shed pounds cooking delicious meals for you and your family. 


Get your body moving to build muscle, lose weight and tone your body without expensive workout equipment or gym memberships.


De-stress your mind by creating daily habits with morning and evening routines so you can leave the stress of overwhelm behind you.

Some of the Benefits You Will Experience 
When You Join 
Raise The Bar…

  • Nourish You And Your Family
  • ​Gain Confidence Within Yourself
  • ​Learn How To Be A Boss in The Gym & In The Kitchen!
  • ​Tone Your Body
  • ​Lose Weight
  • ​Feel Sexy Again
  • ​Lose The Bloat
  • ​Destress By Calming Your Mind
  • ​Rediscover Yourself
From the OG of Clean Eating
The world needs you at your best!
In the all *NEW* Raise The Bar With Tosca Reno Membership you’ll get monthly access to:
  • Recipes — Printable Eat-Clean™ recipes any home chef can make
  • ​Motivational templates so you can track your food/mood and more 
  • ​DIY meal templates to provide you structure and flexibility to build delicious and nutritious Eat-Clean™ meals
  • ​Eat-Clean™ snack ideas
  • ​Private Facebook Community Group for support and accountability
  • ​Exclusive monthly LIVE class with Tosca!
              Some of the topics included:
  • Eat-Clean™ principles
  • Live recipe preparation + meal “prep talk”
  • ​Recipe substitutions (for specific diet types, like vegan & preferences)
  • ​Knife skills
  • ​Setting up your kitchen & pantry basics
  • ​Meal balance
  • ​Training demonstrations for Move of the Month
How does it work, exactly?
Every month you will receive fresh new content delivered to you in an easily accessible online format that will help you stay on track and make the most of your eat-clean journey.


**Less than the price of a daily coffee — isn’t your wellness worth it?**

Choose the plan that's right for you!




Recipes — Printable Eat-Clean™ recipes any home chef can make

Motivational templates so you can track your food/mood and more

DIY meal templates to provide you structure and flexibility to build delicious and nutritious Eat-Clean meals 

Eat-Clean snack ideas 

Private Facebook Community Group for support and accountability 

Exclusive monthly LIVE class with Tosca! 


(get 1 month FREE)



Recipes — Printable Eat-Clean™ recipes any home chef can make

Motivational templates so you can track your food/mood and more

DIY meal templates to provide you structure and flexibility to build delicious and nutritious Eat-Clean meals 

Eat-Clean snack ideas 

Private Facebook Community Group for support and accountability 

Exclusive monthly LIVE class with Tosca! 

Choose your payment plan on the checkout page.


Can I stop my membership at any time?

YES! If at any time you feel like you do not want to continue with the Raise The Bar program simply email support and we can pause or cancel your membership. Please note that when you cancel your membership you will lose access to past and future issues of the program.

What if I don’t like some of the recipes?

No one likes every kind of food! If a recipe doesn’t serve you, try another or substitute ingredients.

I’m really strapped for time, especially when it comes to dinner! How complicated/time-consuming are the recipes?

Time is the only resource you can never renew. Most recipes can be made in under 30 minutes, some even less. The goal is to make you fluid in the kitchen so mealtimes don’t have to make you break into a sweat.

Why is it an ongoing membership and not just a downloadable package? 

Memberships in important groups like this one, can promote positive identity. The more group memberships you have the better your psychological well-being, your health and your longevity. That’s what the Eat Clean™ lifestyle is all about. Your complete wellness.

What if I’m vegan (or keto, paleo, etc), would I still benefit from this?

Varying eating styles and preferences can still benefit from the Raise The Bar With Tosca Reno membership. All will be respected and reflected in the program. However, the information and recipes will be presented so you understand their full nature.

Will I be able to feed my (picky, inflexible) family with these tools and recipes?

The Eat Clean™ lifestyle can benefit any member of your family from babyhood onward. Exercise, Eating Clean and the Emotional Self-care tools presented can be enjoyed by all members of the family.

Extra pressing question: How much direct access to Tosca?! 

There will be plenty of access to Tosca through her articles written for your Raise The Bar With Tosca Reno membership program. She will also appear once monthly for Live trainings on particular aspects of the Eat Clean™ lifestyle.

It should come as no surprise to you that… lifestyle is the key to your overall wellness. In fact lifestyle trumps all else.

Building a solid foundation of the Eat-Clean™ lifestyle principles means focusing on:

Eating clean
Emotional self-care

If practiced daily, with expert guidance & support gained through the Raise The Bar With Tosca Reno membership, living the Eat-Clean™ lifestyle can result in whole body wellness: physical, mental & emotional. 

Build YOUR EAT CLEAN™ Lifestyle foundation.
Join Raise the Bar today!

“You need that opening, that moment…
when you finally decide to give yourself permission to change.” 

― Tosca Reno

But the Eat Clean lifestyle shouldn’t be all work and no play. 

Receive Eat Clean™ recipes brimming with fresh, whole food ingredients that you’ll swoon over..

Have fun with High Value Exercise routines designed to burn fat and shape your lean, strong body in less time than you thought.  

Learn self-care practices to help you manage a stress filled life. Find peace in the midst of chaos.

That’s a juicy recipe for slaying your wellness goals. 
 You’ll feel energized, and revitalized in your one precious body.

Eat Clean. Feel good. Live life fully..

Let’s start rocking your Eat Clean™ lifestyle today with Raise The Bar With Tosca Reno. A membership you won’t want to miss.

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